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Heavy Duty Canvas Lifting Straps For Heavy Duty Training*

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Work very well and great price.

terry1nicolau's Rating

Worked amazingly well for 3 months.. then tore..

snake1988 did not leave a written review for this product.

These straps were shipped along with my animal pak. I was pretty cheered once I got em, but I was alot more disappointed once I used em. At the very first day of use in my deadlift, I noticed that they start ripping of...and guess what??? They were all gone on the 4th day... I am not going to rate this item at 1, because I got it free along with my animal pak. And personaly speaking, I dont know if I am the only one who had faced this... :-(

I had the opportunity to own a pair of these straps long enought to use a few times. Actually thes straps were very comforting. They gripped the thread of the bar just perfectly, or it was my hands. All and all they are great. Someone stole mine tho.

Good straps for heavy weight

The pictures of these straps are misleading. I thought the words were stitched onto the straps but its actually on a piece of fabric, and the fabric is stitched on. The fabric was already fraying out of the packaging. It just looks cheaply made. If you want good straps, stick to the harbingers.

This product is good, it does what it needs to do.

fightingscot78's Rating

These straps do their job and that's it. The sides and ends are stitched which, in theory, extends the life of these straps. The only reason they don't get a 10 is because they aren't padded, yet they cost as much as padded straps from another manufacturer.

Henri1357 did not leave a written review for this product.

ChaseTheDream14's Rating

Definitely very sturdy strong straps no complaints

asstastic911's Rating

Get the job done, but needs more stitching for reinforcement.

SonofShango's Rating

They get the job done but there is no padding so wrist will often hurt after workouts.

Awesome quality. Better than most other straps I've used. Only thing I've used better to date is homemade straps made from seat-belts out of a junked car.

A lot more comfortable than straps I have previously used. I don't know how people w/ large hands use them though. I have average size hands at best and find them a little on the short side. overall though, i def like them and would buy again

Great product, love the logo but just some minimal chafing on my small wrists

1-20 of 37 Reviews