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Reactivate Your Muscles & Get Your Physique Back!

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gvernon's Rating

I took this product for one month. I couldn't tell that it made any difference. I will not be ordering this product again.

jcpratt2's Rating

I've been using this for 1.5 months now, and am about to order another 2 months. Nothing magic, but about a month in I started gaining a little weight after flatlining for years having had shingles at 40 and losing 10 pounds. I'm now back to my pre-shingles weight and climbing (a little soft, but I still have a 4-pack and it is Christmas!). I also added some protein in the morning and BCAAs pre-workout, so I can't scientifically say Amidren is causing the weight gain, but I definitely feel like it is working with everything else. UPDATE: Continued use over 6 months had no effect, and going off it for a month and back on also had no effect. Too expensive to continue using with questionable results.

lstufkosky's Rating

This product did help me build my body better then what it was. But I will not use this product anymore just don't feel it helped me that much.

1-3 of 3 Reviews