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darker148's Rating

best fat burner i have tried hand down recommeded (i have tried iron cuts, super hd, hydroxycut, and ripped freak)

redneckfit's Rating

redneckfit did not leave a written review for this product.

Teambringit's Rating

crazy fat burner, appetite suppresant and elevated my mood very very high. stacking it with C4 made me have a crazy workout, highly recommend if your low on money to buy this product. had some of my best days while taking it

streetzx05's Rating

I am going to the gym almost everyday mon - friday and am doing a very intense circuit 3 out of the 5 days and hold a really good diet but the love handles are killing me and decided to use this product for atleat a month. Since my workout and diet is pretty intense I was thinking about using this product for the weekends only since those are the days that I cheat a little. Would it still be as effective?

vickybug's Rating

This was Lipo6 black for HER. What maybe for some is not always for another. It would give me the energy I needed immediately but coming down the crash was difficult to deal with. I'd check with your local supplement shops to see if they have samples or contact nutrex for a sample. I wish you luck and great success.

JOHN WEBB's Rating

Begain taking this product on 10-28-11 at 3 am this mng... man, you wont believe in like 45mns, i couldnt go bck to sleep---I finnishd all my laundry, and cleaned my whole house thn wrkd out with man, this IS a powerful supplmnt!! Let's see if I cn blast this fat away, with the results like I experienced this mng....I'll kp you posted.

dukiedushi's Rating

not a bad product, it doesn't make you jittery like oxyelite pro. it still does sap my strenth and stamina when i lift like most fat burners do, but its a good product if your either taking time off the gym or are in a situation were you cant make it there too often. but if your trying to make some gains in strenth or stamina i would use this product sparingly .

felipechiaranda's Rating

felipechiaranda did not leave a written review for this product.

sexymomma317's Rating

sexymomma317 did not leave a written review for this product.

JasonD76's Rating

I've been using this product for close to 4 months and I've since dropped 6 percent of my body fat. I stack this with MP Shred Matrix and it works great together.

danielkemeny's Rating

this is the first fat burner that really WORKS and melts my bodyfat!! I love it!

wrstanton3's Rating

Warning! Do NOT take this supplement less than 5 hours before bed. You will NOT be able to sleep. Energy? Oh YEAH! No jitters but you will feel AWAKE! Make sure you take it with a meal unless you like feeling like you just got kicked in the gut. I've only taken a few of these... Too much for me to handle. Recommend for experienced stim users only!

oswalt527's Rating

Great working fat burner. I have lost fat on my chest, arms, and stomach. Energy is smooth and I don't feel a crash afterwards.

trojanhammer21's Rating

This was my first time taking a fat burner. I had a couple of samples given to me of other products that definitely "jacked me up" a little, or had me "buzzing" on the caffeine. Lipo 6 Black did not. I did lose a small amount of weight, but I do not know if I can attribute that to the Lipo 6 Black. I love the Nutrex preworkout Hemorage; but I am not sure that I will use this product(Lipo 6 Black) again. I most likely will try another brand of fat burner first. Initially, I did have a small burst of energy from these diet pills, but after a few days to a week, my body adjusted. However, having said that, my first day off of the Lipo 6 Black, after I had taken all of them over a month, I was extremely tired (sleepy). I had my normal sleep the night before. Now, it was a Friday, I did watch some football Thursday night, and I did have a sales meeting Friday morning; but, I was extremely sleepy. I ended up having to take a 5 hour energy to get thru the sales meeting. I very rarely take a 5 hour, so when I do, they usually do the trick. But, I was not taking the Lipo 6 Black for energy, I was taking them to burn fat. Lipo 6 Black has no thermogenic affect.

CopyJosh's Rating

This was, in all honesty, the worst product I have ever taken in my 4 years of supplement experience. I am often critical of reviewers who say they felt "nothing" from a product, because I always think you have to have gotten something, maybe not what you expected, but something, right? But not here. Not only did I feel like I was taking sugar pills, I couldn't even feel the caffeine. I came to this product after going from the original Lipo6 to OxyELITE Pro. I haven't taken a fat burner in awhile, but I remembered the difference between the two being negligible enough that I didn't see the need to put down for the more expensive OxyELITE this time around. I thought Lipo6 Black would be a comparable step up from the original and for a good price. I was wrong. I went from 2/serving after two days, to 3/serving, then after a week of not feeling anything, to 4/serving. I thought it was me, so after two weeks I gave the rest to my friend. He didn't feel a thing either. If you like the original Lipo6 like I do, then stick with it. Lipo6 Black was a complete waste of my time/money and a testament to the mantra "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Chapman65's Rating

They work fine but I prefer the Lipo 6X.

duranduranR's Rating

duranduranR did not leave a written review for this product.

z33zr0m's Rating

I have been using Lipo 6 Black for 4 weeks, and I have significant fat loss on torso. I was struggling to lose the fat around my belly and pecks. My train suggested this product specifically, and I'm very satisfied with the results. I have lost 10 - 15 lbs during this time frame, and nearly 10% body fat. I'm going to continue using this product until I get the results I want. And I'm sure Lipo 6 Black will get me there.

FooManChoo's Rating

FooManChoo did not leave a written review for this product.

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