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kenpty's Rating

Plain awesome.

dainbramaged's Rating

After doing a competition, my body felt pretty shutdown from the months of dieting so I took some forma-d. Didn't notice much in the way of libido but I did notice an improvement in mood and some "swelling" in areas that needed to be kick-started again. Couldn't pass it up when the price was right either. Would like to try stacking this with a quality test booster (trying TestPro by AI Nutrition)

KennyV9's Rating

I have used a couple of cycles of this product, and it's the best estrogen blocker I have used. I have tried a lot of test boosters, but this one really works well for me. I am a little older (53) so I need a test increase. I didn't have any bad effects from it, only positive. It increased my libido and had me feeling strong in the gym and in the bedroom.

juniorcastro's Rating

So far so good. Worked well after runing NATA-D for a cycle. I've been doing crossfit for nearly 2 months and using NATA-D then FORMA-D I got much stronger and endurance went through the roof! Libido is good, and I feel much more solid/tighter with FORMA-D. Solid 9.

hopefulyankee's Rating

Started this product 5 days ago and have felt like a beast all day long, mood and sex drive is enhanced as well. Have some acne on my face for the 1st time in years however. Its a small price to pay for feeling like i can run through a brick wall all day.

Calimali's Rating

Formadrol is a great test booster. The estrogen lowering was a nice touch too. I was impressed with the blood results posted in the forums area and had to try this out. I do not have bloods to show anything but clearly Formadrol does something to your testosterone and lowers your estrogen. I am like an animal!

MerimanYouth's Rating

MerimanYouth did not leave a written review for this product.

Digavig's Rating

Used this as PCT for my M1D cycle. I don't know what is going on but it seemed to hit me harder than the last time I had used it. Same thing happened with M1D. I gained 11 frigging pounds and retained it all into pct and post pct. I'm not complaining! I just was not expected such amazing results. I didn't feel too much a shutdown from the M1D so the FormaD bounced me back very fast and then some. Libido was epic! My girlfriend and I got into fights about me begging for sex too much lol.

BigToJacked's Rating

I stacked this with M1-D as I heard it helped elevate moods and well as tightened skin which were two things I definitely wanted. The two aforementioned effects were definitely felt throughout the cycle. I felt like an alpha male in and out of the gym and received a lot of compliments from people about my appearance looking tighter day by day. Solid product from LG. They're definitely in my Top 3 companies right after Gaspari and Optimum

Spootypuff's Rating

I started using this product a bit of skepticism, given that I had tried DTH (Diesel Test Hardcore) with little results. Forma-d gave me an entirely different experience. First, my appetite skyrocketed. I found myself constantly hungry, not in a bad way, just able to eat as much as wanted to, when I wanted to. I also noticed significant strength gains, raising my max bench 30 pounds with one bottle. There were no negative side effects like acne or mood swings and by the end of the bottle I had gained 2-3 pounds. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

takoma's Rating

Did nothing for me. I might as well have taken a sugar pill. Experienced none of the advertised benefits. Others are all saying 10/10/10/10/10, etc, but this was a waste of some $30.

JC_4-the_power's Rating

Have only been on Forma-D for a few days and already feeling great affects. Focus is unreal and the amount of power u feel taking this product is second to none. Stuff is hardcore for real!

bighatjack's Rating

Excellent finisher to my Methyl 1D cycle! Aggression and horniness was off the charts! A special thanks to LG for helping me dose it correctly. If it hadn't been for them, I would have continued to dose wrong and had a bad run. Customer service is top notch! Can't wait to run it again!

GangstasMind's Rating

GangstasMind did not leave a written review for this product.

rwalsh11's Rating

took a little off my nips from when i was a kid

thebigt2's Rating

took care of itchy nips, boosted libido and got rid of some water weight. really good product.

Terror_Fighter's Rating

not that a PCT is needed with Nata-D or the others, but I definitely love using this AS the PCT if for no other reason than to keep and improve upon my strength gains. just 4 weeks and the gains from Nata-D just continue to go through the roof! added an additional 2 lbs of LBM while on the PCT!!! Highly recommended.

arsonal's Rating

used this post cycle and had great results. recovery was much easier and felt better in general

1-18 of 18 Reviews