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iceninja82's Rating

Almost good but not so. Don't spend money on things that are overrated and make some sound on the market. You can have something cheaper with good results.

CJDMOON's Rating

Having very strong lifts while on this product combined with the Triazole. Libido is very high as well. I have tried several Test Boosters and D Asperatic acid as well but I am very pleased with this combo. I would give it a 10 but I don't know if the Triazole is partly responsible.

syldurn's Rating

First off I just want to open by saying this is a very solid test booster. I had just ran a cycle of ergotest before trying activate xtreme. While I had some results with it and its a solid product, this is in a league of its own. I felt a libido boost like no other within the first few days. And after a week I had a major breakout which is a great sign of test being up. The biggest thing for me was how it dried me up and really leaned me out... even with my appetite being through the roof! Nearing the end of my bottle and I can't say enough about this product, give it a shot.

energypwr's Rating

energypwr did not leave a written review for this product.

Olestra's Rating

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This is the best test booster on the market - I start to feel the effects within 1 week. Strength and recovery are way up and my sleep is far improved.

HmongLifter43's Rating

i love this stuff for increased libido and strength! After 2 months i made good gains in strength even though I was currently in a cutting phase. The best testosterone booster I have ever used and i cant wait to do another 8 weeks with DAA and Triazole.

Kn0ckoutt's Rating

Did 8 weeks at the recommended dose of 4 caps per day. Strength and size both were way up and I also noticed drastically improved mood, better sleep, and a nice libido increase. Going to stack this with Triazole next, GREAT T-BOOSTER!

Heatring6's Rating

My friend told me about this testosterone booster and I didn't think it would do anything but i gained a ton of strength and libido was through the roof. Bench 1 Rep Maximum went from 225 to 245 by the end of my cycle. I was bulking but i have never experienced such a strength gain before when bulking. Great T-booster! I will definately buy Craze next when i finish this tub of MusclePharm Assault and do another cycle of Activate Xtreme in a few months

edalackey's Rating

I am 3 weeks into my 1st bottle and this product is awesome. It has real ingredients that work, not the old tribulus/fen combination with the old zma add on. Try this and judge for yourself. Im 167 lbs and only take 2 servings a day.

Agreenz's Rating

Took this product for 4 weeks (2 doses a day) along with a buddy of mine. Neither of us noticed any exceptional gains in any of our lifts, and didn't look any bigger, leaner, or any of that. No weight gain either. I actually lost like 3 pounds due to a cleaner diet. Nor did we experience any of the general effects associated with a T-booster, no acne, no better sleep, no change in mood, nothing. This product is complete garbage, and the high rating is due solely to promoters or whatever giving out complete bull**** reviews.

Dmiti's Rating

best testosterone booster! removed all the fat from the abdomen. My libido on top! Gives power. gained muscle mass without fat and water. it is better to take 8 weeks to 6 capsules

jcpeyton's Rating

Amazing Product! I made a conscious decision before taking this that I would not alter anything that I was currently doing since I wanted to be as objective as possible about the results. Too often I read where people get amped up for taking a product and they alter everything - start eating on point, change the workout frequency or duration, sleep more, stop drinking, etc and at the end you have to wonder how much of the results were due to the fact that the individual made a lot of positive changes alongside running the product. So that being said - I'm very impressed with Activate Xtreme. I want to keep running it for another bottle, but I'll wait for another day. Strength gain 9/10 - this did everything that I hoped for, you just always want a little bit more Endurance 9/10 - had a lot more in the tank later in my workouts and volume greatly increased. Pump 9/10 - some people don't care about this but I do. I liked the fullness that I got. Definitely feel bigger. Sides 9/10 - just a bit of acne and oily skin. Not a big deal at all. Didn't feel too Alpha or like it changed my demeanor much. Libido 7/10 - there was a point maybe between week 2 and 3 that I felt pretty ***** all the time. It only was a positive thing. Convenience 9/10 - 4 pills a day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night - doesn't get much easier than that. Would run again? 10/10 - Probably my favorite product that I've ever taken.

blinky99's Rating

30 day Wrap up Start weight/ BF 154 11% End weight/ BF 160LB 13% Strength Good strength gain, as all of my compound lifts went up. Didn't fatigue as easy in the gym. 8/10 Sleep No change Libido Went way up IMO, sex drive up, checking out girls all the time. 9/10 Would recommend/10. Love to see the effects of running two bottles of this, would be epic. Despite rise in bf, i still look pretty lean in the mirrors, no love handles etc. My shirts fir tighter in the arms,chest area, bonus points. Before photo is first, end photo second. best comparison I can give. Photos say more than words. Shoulders/chest look bigger, but lopsided. Abs are still there, and that "swimmers line" Is still visible log

timjeezy's Rating

Summary: Get a bottle, you won't regret it. I am almost at the end of my first bottle of Activate Xtreme, and I have had a great experience with this product. I would recommend this product to any guy who wants to get that extra edge in the gym with natural testosterone enhancement. I did not get blood work done but I will let my experience speak for itself: more muscle growth (put on a solid 8 lbs muscle and no fat), alpha/dominant feeling, higher libido, acne increase, strength increases (went up in all in all lifts), metabolism increase/fat loss (if you do not keep calories up). These are all classic symptoms of elevated testosterone. I am 24 years old as of this review, and thought I had a lot of testosterone normally, but Activate Xtreme took it to another level. At one point my diet was in a sore spot for a few day stretch, and I lost a noticeable amount of body fat when I was on a bulk. So keep your diet in line unless you are trying to cut on purpose. I can't wait to try another bottle of Activate Xtreme or even Triazole which I have heard a lot of good things about.

Shotoole's Rating

This is my first test booster i have ever taken. I'm young so I know they say I shouldn't be taking this because I already produce enough testosterone, but it has really helped. I consider myself a hardgainer but I have gained 12 pounds from this after just one bottle. I'm also stacking it with protein and Size On. Ill be sure to update my result after i finish the second bottle. Weight was 160, is now 172!

bill7996's Rating

bill7996 did not leave a written review for this product.

p0p0p0p0p0's Rating

Very good product .I gained 4 Kilos I liked It and will order again

davidpeterr's Rating

The best test Booster ever I gain a lot especially in the chest

ThunderPecs's Rating

A little disappointed with this. I have tried two different times to run this product and both times they really didnt work out for me which is too bad because there are so many good reviews on it. Even my dad had good results on it! I think I may have a bad reaction to something in it. Maybe too much Vitamin D for me. I had side effects such as nausea and loss of appetite. I had these symptoms both times I tried running this product so each time I had to give it away. Good product I'm sure but just not for me. However, for the couple of weeks I did run it I did indeed feel some strength gains and more testosterone.

1-20 of 180 Reviews