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surferduude182's Rating

I have consumed lots of different pre workouts, def not easy to find a good one after craze, old one m r and jack3d was banned. However this is the next best thing. I know supplements effect people differently however if you want a great workout this will do the trick. If i was rating taste it would be a zero. This stuff is beyond gross, but just chase it with water and you are all set. My stomach is quite solid. However my advice is have a bathroom near by. Be prepared for EXPLOSIONS! :)

thaatlongho98's Rating

THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST SUPPLEMENT I'VE EVER TASTED BUT ! The effects of this thing is just litterally out of this world, Its one of those supplements where if you dont lift something you will go extremely crazy ! My current supplement right now . I'd love to give 10 but taste is just Horrific, It's dealable but just outright nasty, Amazing gains though, give it a try

Eddie Brock's Rating

Original formula worked great . If your ready for it , Its a perfect companion but can be a bit intense if your going to pity pat around the gym texting. Taste: gross but I don't drink pre workout for the taste. We need a don't give a **** rating for taste

tvosnakis's Rating

1- This tastes and smell horrible. That being said, if you can't handle it, STAY AWAY. 2- Past trought the taste, it will make you feel like you could kill a bear bare handed. You will breathe like a horse, forget what tired means, lift to the failure every time you want, increase your performance on training (and, sometimes, other things, if you know what i mean). If you want to fell like a bull pulling irons, and see what a true baddass pre-workout means, GIVE IT A TRY. 3- I read a lot of "I went to the hospital", "i got sick", "i almost died". It means your body may react different, like with every stuff on earth (some people can't eat shimps, for example). So be carefull, take it with caution, half scoop on first try, wait the pump to leave your house and check your reaction to the product. (sorry for my poor english)

JavierTalamante's Rating

Take care for alls is a poison, 15 min after drink this product sent me direct to hospital how bad I felt , dizziness , weakness , slow breathing really thought I was going to DIE.... before I had taken other pre workouts, c4 , hemorrage no explode , superpump , nano vapor, without any problem... it is garbage and it tastes awful.. never in my life I 'll take , never

derickp38's Rating

D-Stunner is by far one of the worst PWO I've ever tried! Not even talking about the horrible taste, but the main reason we all buy PWOs the EFFECTIVENESS. It comes with a scooper that is roughly 8.3g the serving size is half that (4.15g). Why not just put a 4g scoop inside, i have no idea :\ I literally have to take 2 well rounded scoops just to get something. Even then it's not much of anything. I do however get the sensation of throwing up about halfway through my workout which only happens when i take this. I give this PWO a low 1 out of 10. P.s. for those that have a touchy gag reflects, DO NOT buy this you will lose it immediately upon it touching your lips. I like to think i can down any supp no matter how

georgybelov's Rating

Today I took D-Stunner and it was the best workout in my life, yea it taste a little weird but it doesn't taste that bad as some people say

brittnay's Rating

brittnay did not leave a written review for this product.

lorr051989's Rating

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ebarnum27's Rating

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MrJ2213's Rating

I have used this product for over 6 weeks now and I have to say that I am I love withow it. I have had serious gains due to this product and could honestly stay in the gym all day. I can say however that I have NEVER had any sto Mach issues while taking it. No jitters, face tingle or sweaty palms. Taste could be improved upon but I will sacrifice taste for gains anyway. Stay motivated.

AdalDU's Rating

I used this product 2 years ago as my first PWO, and really I can say it kicks as a horse. I'm doctor and i used to go to gym after 36hrs of no sleeping, took 1 dose of this and ****, hit the irons for 2-3 hours. Gave me strength that i change 40lb on chest to 100lbs in 10 days and was running 30 mins 11 miles per hour with no stopping. Never felt bad or dizzy as i do with the Hemorage. The bad thing is when you don't take it anymore you loose strength. Great product.

Joanmy's Rating

20 minutes after the horrible taste, I **** my self on the track running a mile for warm up. I had to return home and take a bath because there was **** all over my legs. I tried few different times, tried to eat heavy or eat light few hours before taking this product. I even went to the bathroom before ingesting this poison but all the time it ended ******** black liquid diarrhea and upset stomach. I will recommend this product to my worst enemy so they can suffer a little.

SamWms's Rating

Absolutely the worst tasting pre-workout ever!! I know pre-workouts aren't meant to taste good, but I could not finish drinking the first serving. It tasted like I was forcing myself to drink poison. It also made my stomach upset. I regularly drink high-intensity pre-workouts, and I have never come across something that I was unable to stomach.

Geo85675's Rating

Possibly one of the worst pre-work outs i have ever had. I have used it twice and both times i ended up in the bathroom, the taste is horrendous and it smells like metho, leaves you feeling sick all day. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone !

terry1nicolau's Rating

INCREDIBLY SWEET. It has incredible effects but the taste is too much.

andresmelo77's Rating

another Bad product, I used the s****ested half serving and 20 min later I was in my gyms Bathroom, it makes me sick all day , stomach cramps, its a good laxative, taste horrible, stay away of this product I warn you, I dont feel antything but sickness.

alalshaikhli's Rating

It's a 7 because everything is great exept the taste

Nicholass1's Rating

This stuff is awesome!!! Great energy, pumps & focus throughout my workout... one of my favorite pre workouts.. Only tried the Fruit punch flavor and it isn't that bad but I hate the black liquorice aftertaste... but that's just me; someone else would probably enjoy. Would definitely recommend to any Stim-junkie. 1 scoop is enough

tmorrisjr's Rating

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