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mrphuckbud's Rating

I have a 38 inch waist so the Large seems like it would be perfect. This belt is way to big. To the point where it is unusable. Luckily I live in Canada so this website wants me to give them more money so I can wait another few weeks. Last time dealing with this website. I assure you there are better options. This belt is on Amazon if you want it. Don't be a fool like me.

munches06's Rating

This is the best belt there is, im a 33" waist and the medium fits absolutely perfect!

GNCPostal54's Rating

So glad I bought this belt. Very supportive and secure, Not binding or doesn't pinch like my old leather belt that is now collecting dust in the garage.

DiabloDaveOKC's Rating

I am a huge fan of this belt. I can get it tighter than any leather belt I have tried and it is a hell of a lot easier to loosen. If you know that feeling when you have pushed to your max and just need the belt off right now then this is the belt for you. I even bought one for my training partner.

willybingo55's Rating

I used it before and it is one of the best

zmahmoud's Rating

I bought this belt because the belts at my gym were bruising my sides. Fitment was good and comfortable, but definitely not enough support. My back was aching as soon as I started lifting over 225 lbs dead lift. Conclusion: Spend your money on a leather belt.

rmcordse's Rating

Extremely comfortable belt, forms great to your back and gives you great support. Noticed some mixed reviews based on "should've got the 2006 over the 2004" and about the sizing but I stuck to the recommended sizing chart and have made this a staple of any work out requiring back support for heavy weight. These belts are a no brainer!

omiandrea's Rating

This the best lifting belt I'm use to lifting

xuking5888's Rating

good belt, works perfect

Katya166's Rating

Katya166 did not leave a written review for this product.

crlmac1's Rating

Switched from my Nike Lifting belt that I've been using for years. Own the all-black version. Good support & I love that even though I loosen the strap, there's that inner velcro that still holds belt loosely in place & not just fall off. At the time of this review I have a 31"-32" & the Small fits me well. Doesn't hurt when I tighten it or bend down.

fhaid's Rating

fhaid did not leave a written review for this product.

wezbarnes's Rating

I've been waiting on a belt for about 5 months now trying to figure out the best belt for me. I came to a conclusion with borrowing my buddies belt for about a month that this was the belt for me. I was so pumped on ordering it and it came in a couple days and arrived perfectly for my leg training session the night before. The 2006 is the best belt by far and I've gone through alot of belts in the past. I'll never go back.

lomberto's Rating

this belt is excellent.

AraKafafian's Rating

I purchased this belt based on strong recommendations. I must say that having used this belt now a dozen times that it isn't worth the purchase. It's basically made of cardboard sandwiched between cloth material which offers zero support to heavy lifters. This is more a belt for a moving company employee who would wear this moving boxes from one house to another than a bodybuilder. Avoid and stick to a leather belt which provides ten times more support.

softpounder's Rating

Small fits right. I have a 30 inch waist and it works well. Tried it during my Squats (maximum my doctor allowed me because I am injured), and it helped me squeeze my abs and core a lot.

MRGoyings's Rating

Excellent belt. I have been very happy with it ever since I purchased it. Going to need to replace it though soon but due to weight loss not the belt failing!

partyonwade's Rating

I am still fairly new to lifting and this is the first belt I've bought so other than the communal belt at my gym this is the only belt I've used. I bought it based on the reviews I read here on and I was not let down. The belt is incredibly comfortable and offers ample support for the weights I lift (squat and deadlift 60kg). It met my expectations and I would definitely recommend this product. I will not be using my gym's crappy communal belt again.

great1983's Rating

I like that belt, I get a very good support with it..since the first time I used it, it was very comfortable!!!

dlain's Rating

This belt is great. I was concerned about a Velcro belt not being as tight as a leather belt with buckle. This belt will tighten up as tight as you could want. The 6" back really supports and helps keep from rounding the back on heavy lifts. If you are near the smaller end of the waste size for particular belt size, remember to order a size that will tighten smaller than your actual waste size. I have a 36" waste and wear the medium. Being overzealous with my new belt, I learned the hard way it's possible to cause an injury by tightening a belt too much, putting too much pressure on the areas of the abdomen that are not supported by the belt.

1-20 of 26 Reviews