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Boosts Metabolism, Increases Energy, and Supports Stamina while Helping to Control Cravings*

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eugeniosilva's Rating

this product seriously ****ed my stomach. ive spent about a mont with a series od differnet intestinal pain, diahrea, constipation, and i couldnt even run because my stomach started hurting... i wouldnt recomend this product... the only effects it had on me it was the raise on the heart during exercise which also ****ed me up when doing deadlift... had problems breathing about two days after a deadlift session

pBeezy's Rating

Great energy boost, it definitely keeps you awake but when it's time to relax and sleep it was nearly impossible for me. I toss and turned every night I took this and am happy to say I am finally done with the entire bottle and can look forward to a few good nights of sleep. I lost 10LBS with this stuff, I wouldn't recommend it because of the sleep issues, there are better products out there.

scribler's Rating

Gave me massive jitters (too much caffeine) so I stopped using it.

Jflip2002's Rating

It doesn't seem to be what it used to be. I don't get energy from it that's noticeable, but I get the crash. It does stave off hunger, and helps with the sweets cravings, though.

smokingnurse's Rating

this stuff is DYNO-MITE!!! ive taken phentermine,alli,green tea, name it!!! nothing matches this stuff....i wish i couldve found it years ago!!! im gonna order $200 bucks worth next time. i want to make sure im stocked up bc im sure they will snatch it off the market like they do all things that actually ephedra or phen phen.......

ScottMorrow's Rating

I loved this product! Within a few days I saw results! When I took other weight loss supplements I could never find one that I liked. I just simply didn't like how they made me feel. I hated all the jitters and how my heart was about to burst out of my chest. I started off slow not knowing what this product would do but upped my dosage within a few days. Through my dosage changes I never noticed any differences, no jitters and an instant burst of energy! Also if you suffer from extreme dehydration like I did from other products you won't with this one! make sure you drink enough water when you take the pill though!

RonegaPomales's Rating

Good for a good looking body but bad if you have a girlfriend. My sex desire drop like 40% idk wtf this product do to me and i ask my gym partner how he feels using this thing and he tells me the exact same thing. He was afraid that he was the only one felling like this and we both stop using it and my body starts to get normal again in almost a week 1/2.

Mhouliha's Rating

Shred Matrix really works! I noticed instant results including boosted energy and in a few days could even see a difference. Works a lot better than Universal Nutrition's Animal Cuts because it doesn't have the same side effects that put you in the bathroom all the time. I am excited to see the results once I have actually finished the whole bottle.

ahmadh16's Rating

No taste, No smell which is a good thing. The problem is you have to take 3 capsules before breakfast and 3 capsules before lunch which is a big amount. I don't think its the best product but it's good and it will help for sure.

Project89's Rating

I have been looking for an appetite suppressant to help me eat less and help shrink my stomach back to normal, well 21 days later and i feel better than ever, I would definitely buy again if I needed it. hopefully I won't. pretty positive I have control of my stomach now lol

Firesoul1988's Rating

Solid product. I gave it a run for about 2 months with good results. This replaced my morning coffee.I was wide awake within 15 minutes after taking right out of bed. It also is a good energy boost for the afternoon. While taking I felt more alert, I wouldn't have cravings at all for at least 4-5 hours,& I saw great muscle definition within 2 weeks (with a good gym routine and diet as well). The only side effects I noticed was the occasional odd tasting burp and oddly a more than normal accelerated sex drive.

BlackTopVR4's Rating

I've tried 3 different fat burners and MP has impressed me the most. First off, with these kinds of pills no one should expect instant, amazing results without combining these with a good diet and exercise. That being said, shred made a visible boost in my fat shred and mood when I started training. Other fat burners have given me headaches, hot flashes, or no noticeable results. My only complaint with this product is the amount of pills required/recommended per day.

Alawand5's Rating

I never used to take supplements until my friend told me about the Bizzy Diet. I bought shred matrix and it has worked wonders. It gives me so much energy in the morning and I am very focused at work. My sister takes them as well and loves them. Even if i barely get any sleep at night, and I take these pills in the morning (I take 2), I still have so much energy and feel very positive and happy. After 21 days of following the Bizzy Diet I lost 6 lbs (128 lbs to 122 lbs) I would highly recommend this product!!! Currently online to purchase more right now.

JoeGhafari's Rating

I was 232lbs, and now I'm 215, like I'm glad to say this **** worked, i lost 17lbs after using this product for about 2 months, like i literally didn't do any cardio at all, just lifting 4 days a week and started eating healthier, and it will defiantly help u have a calorie deficit for the fact that it suppresses ur appetite well. i def recommended it to anyone, because after using it for the first 3 weeks i was getting compliments on how i thinned out. 10/10

bsmoov1911's Rating

Helps to satiate me and feel less bloated. That's about it. I did notice side effects. I've taken a lot of different types of supps and never have side effects. I believe it's because I drink coffee in the morning. The added caffeine is probably what's contributing to the headaches and early crashing feeling (like noon!) I only drink coffee during the week and it doesnt have that effect on weekends so I would s****est no added caffeine. Common sense right?

ttedwards's Rating

ttedwards did not leave a written review for this product.

iameb57's Rating

I tried this product for about a week. Works fast... recommended amount is 6/daily. Makes you sweat, even if you are not working out. Pros: -Works - loose weight in about a week - a little energy Cons: - VERY STRONG - If you take this on an empty stomach it will kill your stomach (and dehydrate you if you dont drink lots and lots and lots of water) - It suppresses appetite to the point of nausea when trying to eat food. Too strong - Stays in your system for about a day or two after you stop It was hard for me to eat on this... and I needed to eat because i felt weak. NEVER take this and a pre-workout at the same time (unless you can handle it). It will destroy you.


Good energy boost. Helped me shed a couple extra pounds. Mostly boosts energy. Didn't feel like it boosted my core temp or metabolism all that much. Did help level off hunger though.

mjshaheed's Rating

Every time I take this, it either gives me heart burn and makes me eat like a pig! If you don't mind throwing your money down the drain, you can very well buy this!!!

BannoSantoro's Rating

I'll be brief......this stuff works! I lost 8lbs in the first 2 weeks, no bull. I'm caffeine sensitive, I get palpitations, anxiety from high caffeine products. I got none of this from these. I actually felt a sense of well being. One negative, they make your *** stink!! My wind smells like diarrhoea all day! My toilet trips are normal though, weird huh?! I paid £22 British pounds for these, which may seem like a lot to our US brother's. It's actually really cheap for the UK as supps are generally double the price here compared to the US!! I love em, and I will be using them again after my lean gain phase.

1-20 of 791 Reviews